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Five Faves: July

It's that time again - albeit slightly later than anticipated - my five beauty faves from July are as follows! I've clearly ben all about scent and hydration throughout July which is definitely not a bad thing...

Dior, Miss Dior

First up is Miss Dior eau de parfum, the re-worked classic. Now I don't have a perfume wardrobe and I'm pretty selective with my scents but after giving this a try I'm willing to branch away from le Labo for five minutes. Basically I'm a rose gal and this is floral/ rose based (excellent) but with a bit of a citrusy top note and I likey. It also lingers which I love and smells better as the day goes on. The cute AF bottle might be helping too...

La Mer, The Lotion

Ahhh La Mer. Such a treat.

The Moisturising Soft Lotion is super smooth and silky on your skin and gives the perfect hydration - AKA it's not too wet and cloggy so good for everyday. I'd go as far as to say it's like a soothing cuddle for your face (I mean for the price you'd want it to come with masseuse too...) and who doesn't need that?! Worth the investment for the skin benefits however it doesn't last that long (although not entirely sure if this is because I was just so slap happy...)

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy lipstick in Nude Reveal

This is the perfect lippy for everyday. The shade is a lovely subtle blush pink and it's really moisturising on your lips too. I have so many red lipsticks (welllll so many in general..) so was after something more pinky/ nude and subtle for every day, and this fits the bill perfectly.

& Other Stories Floral Memento Hand Cream

I just love the smell of the Floral Memento range from & Other Stories. This delicious smelling hand cream is the perfect handbag essential and I use it on the go for all over really, why just restrict it to hands ey?! It's also super cheap, a little bit goes a long way AND I feel like it lasts so long too. On that note i'm off to stock up on EVERYTHING else in the range too...

Bobbi Brown Remedies - Skin Reviver

I've had quite dry skin on my face recently and with just coming back from a few days in the sun have been in desp need of some hydration even more so. Enter Bobbi's skin reviver. Just a few drops applied at night all over my face have definitely made a difference and made my skin feel brighter, adding longer lasting hydration than you get from just a moisturiser.

Coming up at the end of this month, some Summer/ holiday beauty essentials!



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