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The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Dress: H&M, Trainers: Vans, Bag: Simon Miller, Jacket: ACNE Studios, Earrings: Mango

I'm about as deep as a puddle when it comes to writing blog posts.

I write about material goods and how much I like them, and besides fashion feelings and declaring my undying love for a picnic basket or gingham garm here and there (OK, quite a lot...), that's about as heartfelt and deep as I get on here. But after the horrendous few weeks we have had in the UK following the recent Manchester terror attack and now London (again) I feel I have to put pen to paper (fingers to keys) and go a little deeper for once.

Don't get me wrong, I love talking about clothes. I love clothes. That's what this blog is all about, but I need to write about more than just my outfit today. I need to write about how I feel. I feel sick. Sick for all of the innocent people who have lost their lives because of these senseless, random acts of terrorism. Sick for my Dad's best friend (and all of the other parents and innocent children standing in the foyer that night) who had to experience, first hand, the horrific events unfold at the MEN in Manchester last week. Sick for parents having to explain to their small children about what's going on, on their doorstep right now, and sick that it's all happening so close to home. I can't help but feel sad and scared in the city I call home after recent events, but I also cant help but feel a strong sense of togetherness too. If there's one thing recent events have taught me it's appreciation and love. It's made me even more grateful for all of the good people and good things in my life and it's made me proud to live in such an amazing city (and to also have spent four of the best years of my life living in the other). We have to refuse to stop living a normal life and go about our daily business as best we can because you cant live in fear otherwise you'd literally never leave the house. We have to stay strong and remember that the good in human nature far out does the bad, and we have to remember that we are we, and we are stronger together.

When I put this dress on this morning it actually made me feel slightly better. Light relief in the form of a bright yellow dress? I'll take it.

I'm REALLY into yellow right now and it actually does wonders for brightening your mood. It's my Mama's favourite colour which makes total sense since she's probably the most optimistic person I know. I'm not yellow-ist either, I'm loving it In all shades. Lemon, mustard, canary, saffron, jasmine, gold, ochre - you name it I am searching for an item of clothing to correspond. So enter this dress. Happiness in a dress if you will (exactly what I need right now). Delightful hue aside, the cut and style is a dream and the cute shoulder ties well, need I say more? As soon as I laid eyes on it in store I already had the outfit vision in my pea head. I knew I wanted to pair it with trainers and my trusty Simon Miller Bonsai so as to dress it down nicely. I think it would look super cute with espadrilles and a basket bag too though so watch this space. So as much as fashion, outfits, social media and blogging might seem so insignificant right now in the grand scheme of things, we have to carry on. Carry on with our lives, appreciate the little things and ultimately do what makes us happy, and you know what, playing dress up does just that.

Sending all of the love and positivity to you all.




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