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Five Faves: May

I have been really wanting to do more beauty posts on here so I thought I'd start writing a new monthly post around my five favourite beauty picks from the past month. So, here we go with May's edit ...

In at number one (however in no particular order ranking wise) is the Davines Sea Salt Spray. As Summer is fast approaching (yayyyy) I'll be firmly embracing the messy beach hair look (I mean messy, un-combed locks are a pretty year-round situ for me anyway) which calls for a trusty sea salt spray. I've never used any Davines products before but have heard great things (and the packaging is SO cute) so decided to opt for this. It smells like Summer in a bottle. Coconut mixed with candy floss is how my boyfriend described it and i'd say thats pretty accurate! As my hair is quite thin and flat I hate anything that feels too cloggy or will weigh my locks down but this has a lovely light texture whilst also giving that messy tousled hold you want from a salt spray. Ill definitely be investing in more Davines.

Ok, so this is technically two things but I'm clubbing them together. As a girl forever trying to make her fine, thin hair look thicker, I'm a sucker for anything claiming to add volume to my locks. Prior to this I've never tried any Aesop hair care but as an avid fan of their skincare offerings I thought it was about time I branched out. First of all (obviously) they smell like an absolute dream, and secondly (and most importantly) they do what they say on the tin. I've been using this dreamy duo for the past few weeks now and definitely feel like my hair is looking a bit thicker and fuller. Worth the splurge? Oui oui.

Oh I love a candle. After a long day at work or on the weekends I love relaxing with candles around me and this Byredo burning rose one is no exception. Rose is my favourite scent and this smells like a dream. It's a yes from me.

Now I'm firmly a blusher girl and bronzer only really comes into my make-up bag in the Summer months when I need a little tanned glow, but I don't like anything too heavy. This Nars bronzer in Casino is the perfect option for me as it's really light and gives you a lovely sun-kissed glow without being too heavy or intense. Basically does what it says on the tin! I'll be using this all Summer.

I have tried A LOT of mascara's in my time, at both ends of the spectrum from Chanel to Rimmel, but I must say this Armani one is up there as one of the best. I'm not usually a gal for a comb brush and prefer the softer bristle ones but for some reason I am SO into this one. It glides over your lashes really nicely adding the perfect amount of mascara and builds nicely too to give that thicker fuller lash look for an evening.

So there you have it, my top five beauty picks I've been using throughout May. Stay tuned for the next edition in June which will include some Ordinary, amongst other dreamy finds!




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