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The Realisation

I have no self control. I caved in! I bought the Realisation Par dress of dreams!

Dress: Realisation Par, Sunglasses: Ebay, Bag: Simon Miller via Browns, Shoes: Spanish Market

I've wanted one (well, about five) for so long but the price, the shipping fees and the import duties were just too painful and I couldn't talk myself into it being worth the investment so I've just been admiring from afar. Until now. Instagram is the devil when it comes to cute AF niche brands like Realisation Par because it's constantly paraded in front of my (our) eyes and I'm really lacking in self control when it comes to shopping, as we all know #nevernotshopping. Anyway cut to the chase, I found this little dream on eBay, and whilst it wasn't cheap, it was a whole lot cheaper than it would have been if I'd have bought it direct from their site and had to ship it in from the US. Hurray! So, was it worth it I hear you cry? Well, let me tell you in the below key points...


Probably one of the biggest questions when it comes to buying online and size uncertainty with a brand you've never shopped with before, and word on the street (and their website tbf) is that these dresses run small. Well they do a little bit. I got a Large as I'm 5ft 11 and thought this would be best for a bit of extra length (for reference I'm usually a UK 10/12) and it fits well but is slightly on the big side and I probably would have been ok with a Medium in hindsight. I'm not a one for super tight fitting things anyway though so all good for me.


There's no two ways about it, Realisation Par dresses are expenny. They're also thin and flimsy and not exactly something you'd class as an investment. However, I had wanted one for so long and have had many other dupe-lisation Par's in the past that have been lovely sure, but ultimately just not the one. Therefore the way it makes me feel wearing this it worth every penny.

Fabric/ style

As I mentioned above they're thin and flimsy, but they are made of 100% silk so super soft and nice against your skin, as well as making them more worth their price point. The particular style of this one, The Alexandra, is such a beaut style but before ordering it I thought it may be ridiculously low on the chest area however it's actually fine. I mean i'm lucky that I don't have too much boob situation anyway but as you can see in the images, it's actually a bit big on the chest so I reckon those of you out there with a bit more melon than tangerine should be ok!

Marks out of ten: A solid 9

Overall I'd say, if you're thinking of splurging out on a Realisation Par then absolutely go for it! And be sure to try Ebay/ Depop/ Vestiaire first!

(I'd also just like to take this op to tell you that I have, in fact, also just bought the navy version too *emoji monkey*)




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