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It's A Wrap

Dress/ playsuit - Zara

Sandals - River Island

Sunglasses - Ray Ban (via ASOS)

Yayyyyy for the weather! Is it me or does the sun just makes everything better? It makes you feel happier, it enables cute dresses and bare legs and it makes it more than ok to don your basket bag (picnic optional)! My new Sun Jellies cream Atomic tote is just perfect for throwing everything in for a day at the park/ beach. It was the hottest day of the year so far in London yesterday and I, for one, was very happy about that. Elliott (my BF) and I had a lovely stroll along the canal to Camden before picking up a picnic, walking up to regents park and basically just lounging in the sun all day with the odd movement for sandwich munching and beer drinking. Recently I promised myself I'd make a conscious effort to read more and Instagram spy less and managed to make a substantial dent in my current read - Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler too (so far so good)! I've had such a lovely slow Summery weekend and it's got me very excited for Summer, picnics and outfitting!

Yesterday was the perfect opportunity to debut my new dream Zara polka-dot-ruffle-wrap dress-playsuit hybrid! As I’m sure A LOT of you guys reading this do, I love the Realisation Par dresses, they’re a summer dream, but at an average of $180 a pop plus shipping and import duties, they're very hard to justify purchasing. As I've said previously I'm happy to invest in a classic piece or in shoes/ bags that will see me through season after season, but a flimsy (albeit beaut) Summer dress I'm not so sure? Are they even worth the sky high cost? And am I gong to love it for the foreseeable future? Hmm I’m unsure, but in the mean time while I decide, I’ve picked out some of the best dupes out there, including this bloody beaut Zara polka dot number which, at £26, is an absolute steal!

So if you too are in the 'don't think I can justify a real-lisation' boat, then there are some super cute alternatives out there to be snapped up!

Let's wrap this up with my top picks (see what I did there?!)...


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