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  • Rachael

Cherry Bomb

Top - Ganni

Jeans - Gap

Shoes - Converse

Jacket - ACNE Studios

Bag - Zara

Two of my current faves ticked off in one item of clothing - red and slogan tees! Red is having such a moment. Not least just with me but I've seen so much of it all over the shop (quite literally) recently. I've had my eye on this Ganni number for a while now so decided it was about time that two became one.

I'm currently loving anything Ganni to be honest, they're really nailing it and going from strength to strength every season (meaning my bank account does quite the opposite). Ganni garms just ooze coolness (look it up in the Mean Girls dictionary) and it also helps that their goods aren't wildly expensive (well, give or take a few my fave red fluffy jumper that I just cant quite jusify, wahhh), making them not only a brand that you want to buy in to, but that you can quite easily without having to sell half a kidney. I feel like they don't take themselves too seriously either and their laid-back, Scandi-cool offerings have a nice playful twist that I, amongst a sea of many others I'm sure, thoroughly enjoy. Tell me who doesn't need a balloon sleeve red fluffy jumper, 'Space Cowboy' tee, floral frilly swimsuit or a ruffle dungaree jumpsuit in their life, huh? I feel like I basically just described my dream wardrobe there...In the words of the brand themselves 'We design to please style-obsessed women everywhere' and let me tell you, you're doing just that.

Godt klaret!

I decided to pair the dream tee with my off-white wide-leg Gap trews I snapped up recently in their sale, a basket bag (obvs) and some trusty dirty-white converse because find me an outfit (prom dresses aside...) that a good old pair of Connies don't finish off and dress down nicely?




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