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  • Rachael

Basket Case

Jacket - Zara

Beret - Retrouve Vintage

Blouse - Archive by Alexa @M&S

Jeans - Whistles

Bag - Charity Shop

Shoes - Gucci

Hello my names Rachael and I'm obsessed with basket bags.

Seriously I cant seem to stop buying them. All different shapes and sizes, if it's a wicker/ wooden/ weaved goods carrier then I'll take it.

Although baskets can work all year round they're definitely more of a Spring/ Summer necessity (hence why you cant scroll through your instragram feed without every other picture including one, or walk past a shop without spotting many a weaved good) and so since Spring has finally sprung (just about) I intend on getting as much use as possible and becoming an absolute, self-confessed basket case. Thoroughly looking forward to the day it's warm enough for me to house an actual picnic in one of said baskets.

I've picked some of my favourites out there on the market for you to peruse:

- The ultimate Birkin basket

-Is this a bag? Unsure but it's great

- Because my Zara Dorothy basket seems to be sold out and this is the next best thing

- In the words of Cult Gaia themselves, this bamboo handbag is everything

- After a cute AF basket? Ok (t)hen

- Make a statement with this

- I need this mini shoulder delight

- This floral dream bask to hit the beach with

- Round and round the garden...

- If I had a spare few months rent/ a lottery win then I'd invest in this

But I will say, you cant beat vintage/ charity shops for a good babe of a basket and I have just spent about two hours eagle-eyeing Etsy...

So, am I Jane Birkin yet?




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