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Beret - Depop

Jeans - Levis (via Depop)

T-shirt - American Apparel

Jacket - H&M

Bag - APC

Trainers - Nike

This is dedicated to my pal Sarah who specially requested a lesson in Depop and since I thought many of you might want in on this 'how to' I’m turning it into a blog post. So let’s start from the beginning. If you have never heard of Depop then let me enlighten you – it’s basically a cross between Instagram and ebay - an app for selling your goods (so you can go buy more goods!) or make guilt free purchases and snap up a bargain, and I for one, am a little bit obsessed with it. I must say I'm mainly a Depop seller but I have bought a few things via my fave Insatgram-ebay hybrid including this cute AF red beret and these dangerously white vintage Levis. I mainly sell clothes and accessories with the odd bit of beauty but you can basically sell anything and everything via Depop so definitely not just a fashion only thing, and also really good for men's stuff too.

So I’m constantly buying stuff as you all probably know, but I am also constantly selling stuff which you may not know, that’s where Depop comes in nicely. It’s so quick and easy to use and because it’s set up in a similar way to Insta, you can like and follow people and their goods so that you’re always in the know when they upload newness. Uploading your bits to sell couldn't be easier too, I mean it lits takes bout two minutes and when you have an overflowing mound like me up for grabs, listing time is crucial. You can add up to four photos and I'd say flat shots, on hanger, on model or product shots all work equally as well and I like to shake it up and use a mixture of all. There are photo tips on the app from Depop though if you still need some more assistance. You can then add a quick description/size/price etc. and you're good to go! People will always message you or comment on your item if they have any questions so don't worry about writing a novel in the description as long as you have the key deets listed.

Once your shop has some goods up for sale (or even before if you just want to get cracking or are more of a keen buyer) I'd say it's a good idea to get interacting and following others. Depop is all about interaction so the more people you follow and interact with, the more chance you have of your items selling. Also, another good thing to note is the better your images are the more chance you have at coming up in the Depop explore page which is obvs more great exposure for selling your goods.

Similarly to eBay, Depop takes 10% of the final selling price but they take it straight away (rather than letting it all mount up and sending you a whopper of a bill at the end of the month that you'd forgotten all about...) which is a lot better of a system (compared to eBay) if you ask me. Another reason I prefer Depop is, as i mentioned earlier, you can follow people that you know sell stuff you like/ have similar style to you and vice versa so I have had quite a few repeat buyers which is nice. I also do bundle deals if someone wanted to buy more than one thing so something else for you to consider if buyers are after a few of your bits.

So, whether buying or selling (or a bit of both) - go go go and get signed up to Depop if you're not already - either way I guarantee it will 100% ease your shopping guilt!

Find me @bubblyaquarius and if you have anymore questions just give me a shout!



P.s. this is not sponsored I just have a lot of feelings...


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