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  • Rachael

The Picnic Blanket

Dress - ASOS

Necklace - Chupi

Bag - Vintage

Shoes - Converse (via ASOS)

Everyone buys 454567 varieties of the same thing right? No? But look how cute it is? It's totally different to my other red gingham dress I just bought...Honestly if i could stop buying what is essentially the same thing over and over again i'd be a millionaire. Well, I'd save some space if nothing else. But hey, I know what I like. Why break the habit of a lifetime?

If you follow me on Insta then i'm sure you're well aware of my current gingham obsession. I know, I know it's getting a bit OOC. I mean, I only just bought the Zara red gingham dress and now here I am parading this ASOS number that's doing essentially the same sartorial job. Let me explain (justify) my actions. First things first the Zara smock has a three quarter sleeve whereas this ASOS number has a short ruffled sleeve situation going on. The Zara option is more of a subtle, Summer, school dress check whereas this ASOS one is essentially a picnic blanket fashioned into a dress (reason 3435 why I have to have both - this is a dress AND a picnic blanket..). The Zara exhibit is longer than the ASOS option too and sometimes it's inappropriate to show your bum to the world, y'know? Have I sufficiently got my case across? Is the justification enough? Is it fine to have two dresses in your collection that are essentially the same? Or is my self-restraint at an all time low? Hmmm... answers on a postcard.




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