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Gingham: A Love Story

Trousers – Zara

Jumper – Alexander Wang

Shoes – RAID (via ASOS)

Bag – Forever21

Coat - ACNE Studios

Sunglasses - Celine

So cost per wear on these trews is working out REALLY well. I’ve barely had them off. You know when you get something new that you love and can’t stop wearing it, and then wonder what you used to wear before said garm entered your life? Yeah, that. They literally go with everything and for a black and white picnic blanket-esque checked trouser, that is a pretty bold statement. They’re also super comfy and really high-waisted so come Summer (if Summer ever comin’?) I shall be sporting them with a lovely broderie-anglaise crop top or something of the like. It’s been so long since I’ve had such plans for one item of clothing… It’s the gingham effect. Honestly, as it currently stands, display before me a gingham dish cloth and I’ll be fashioning it into a top quicker than you can say check mate. OB-SESSED.

So yeah, whilst it’s pretty much still Winter out there, I’m pairing them with my faithful RAID patent strappy shoes, Forever 21 teeny tiny Simon Miller-esque bag (until I can justify the real deal) and this Alexander Wang mohair oversized knit that I have had for a thousand years but still love. I got it in a sample sale in New York in 2012 and it’s STILL going strong; talk about investment purchases guysss! I hope you're into these gingham numbers as much as me since i'm probably gonna be back with at least 354647 more posts featuring them!




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