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Females Of The Future

Tee - Topshop

Jacket - ACNE Studios

Jeans - Vintage Levis (via Beyond Retro)

Bag - Charity Shop

Sandals - Swedish Hasbeens

There are so many different angles I could take on this topic. So many different females, in so many different areas, doing so many different great things. But I thought I'd stick to what I know best, and that my friends, is clothes. I thought I'd share my thoughts on some of my my favourite designers from LFW, who all happen to be female to show a little bit of female appreciation. Who run the world?

First up, and probably the show/ presentation I get most excited about, is Shrimps (AKA Hannah Weiland). Furry fun if you will. If you ever read my blog way back when I took a stab at it the first time around you'll remember me banging on about Shrimps. I've been a big fan since the beginning and every season it goes from strength the strength. It's no longer just about the fur coat, no; its about the fur bag, the fur collar, the fur trimmed suit AND the fur shoe. Then there's also the non-fur to note; the super-cute sheer dresses, beaut pearly bags and tartan check that were all present for AW17. All of this with a pinch of playfulness and a scoop of not taking fashion too seriously and you have a dream concoction resulting in one of my favourite brands. Bravo Hannah!

Secondly, if you thought you didn't need a kilt in your life then think again. Le Kilt (AKA Samantha McCoach) is cooler than cool. Not least because of the amazing kilts and beret clad models, but the story behind the brand makes you want in even more. The brand hails from McCoach's Scottish roots which include her grandmother who has been in the Kilt making trade for over 40 years. Her emphasis on craftsmanship means there is the need to stick to small production runs and the fact that the integrity of the clothes is in their make more than their look just gives me that really nice feeling of wanting to support this brand (whilst donning my beret and looking like a confused Scottish/ Parisian school girl, obvs). If you're not familiar then I know what you're probably thinking, a kilts a Kilt, no? How many different things can you do? Wellll my friends, see here. The brand has developed into so much more than just a one skirt wonder show and the intro of denim this season (the denim a-line dress has my name written all over it) has me dead excited. No doubt Le Kilt will continue to have me dead excited season after season.

Thirdly Margaret Howell can do no wrong. I always want to wear everything. Such good shapes, textures and colour palettes, her androgynous collection is one you know you can always count on to be a constant calm amongst the craziness of fashion week. Same but different. Her signature low key cool with a definite preppy/ uniform feel wins me over every time. I'll take a Rupert the Bear scarf please, thanks.

A few more of my fash week female faves include the shapes and colours of Serafina Sama for Isa Arfen, the friendly playful bags from Emma Hill and Georgia Fendley at Hill and Friends and the beaut luxe textures and hues from Simone Rocha. The future's bright, the future's female.




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