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From The Heart

Jumper - H&M

Trousers - Zara

Shoes - Gucci

Jacket - ACNE Studios

Cat ears ring - Catbird

Not to go all Another Level on you but in case you didn't know I am completely and utterly obsessed with fashion (cue #passionforfashion). I always have been for as long as I can remember and I'm pretty certain I always will be. It would defs be my specialism on Mastermind. I love shopping; I love discovering new things, new brands, new designers; I love putting outfits together, flicking through fashion magazines and blogs. It excites me more than most things (including Crosstown doughnuts...) so as you can imagine when LFW comes around I get pretty excited about what is to come. But I'll be honest I also get an overwhelming feeling of FOMO. Post Uni I have always worked in the fashion industry, Online Merchandising to be specific, and I love what I do don’t get me wrong, but after graduating with a degree in Fashion Buying (adamant that this was what I wanted to do with my life) I cant help but get this feeling of missing out when fashion week comes around. I can’t help but wish that attending shows and presentations, discovering all kinds of exciting newness was part of my job role. Throughout my career I have been to a few shows over various seasons at fashion week but usually only because someone else couldn't go and so passed on their ticket. Every season I tell myself I’m not that bothered, but in reality I will never not be bothered. So this season, as a shiny new Blogger, I applied for tickets to a couple of presentations that I am always a fan of and particularly interested in. It was all a bit of a last minute, self-doubting affair though to be honest and unfortunately (although pretty much as expected) no tickets were granted to Bubbly. But I've made a start, and that is probably the hardest part (the fear of rejection is real). Yes, it made me feel like a bit of a loser I'm not gonna lie, but I had to stop beating myself up and remember that I'm only four months into Bubbly Aquarius and actually, I'm not doing too bad at all (maybe? not sure? am I doing OK though? LOLZ) So yeah, next season eh...

Anyway, shall we take a moment for my new bag?! As a sucker for a fun and playful accessory I was delighted when the lovely folk over at Radley sent me this little heart shaped dream. The Love Lane cross body is from the new Radley collection and perfect for sprucing up an otherwise monochrome outfit. I’m really into red at the moment so this bag is the perfect addition to my collection, not to mention the fact that it also happens to go delightfully with my new Zara gingham trousers. Another current obsession. I can’t stop buying gingham at the moment. I bought a gingham dress along with the purchase of these trews and I am not about to stop any time soon. The weather is FINALLY starting to get a little warmer therefore dressing like a human picnic is almost totally acceptable, right?




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