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Je t'aime

Beret - Vintage

Jumper - Zara

Jeans - Topshop

Jacket - Archive By Alexa (season 1)

Shoes - Viscata

Bag - APC

First things first, I'd just like to declare my undying love for navy blue (and berets, stripes and basically all of the above obvs). It is just the best colour. It goes with everything (including black, i am a big fan of a navy blue and black combo). It can be cas', dressy or anywhere in between. It makes a great striped top. The best knitted jumpers are in navy blue. Your favourite pair of jeans are probably navy blue. It just looks really good. Always. So thanks for the inspo sailors, your hue wins me over every time. Oui, obsédé.

Secondly, as it's V. day I thought I'd share some love by telling you all about the lovely #youcansitwithusLDN blogger event I went to on Sunday, set up by the lovely Kristabel. I was a bit of a scaredy cat about even going to this initially as I didn't know anyone (well, IRL at least) and although I wouldn't refer to myself as shy, throwing yourself into situations alone with loads of people you've never met before can be canny daunting *emoji monkey*. But worry I need not. From the moment I stepped foot into the Camden Collective space where the event was held I felt warm and fuzzy. The whole afternoon was just filled with nice-ness. Nice biscuits, cakes and sweet treats, nice décor to spread some good vibes, nice pastel coloured seats and most importantly of all, nice gals. Clever, funny and inspiring nice gals (who also happen to wear nice clothes) who are all in the same (be it the titanic or otherwise) blogging boat. Throughout the Mean Girls-themed afternoon we discussed all things blogging and internet-ing, both good and bad, sharing advice (well, more listening and less advice giving from this amateur...) and (v. importantly) snacks throughout. It was just full of good vibes (and 'gramming op's, obviously) and it's safe to say I definitely made some new friends (well, new IRL, it's funny how much you feel like you already know someone through the power of Instagram...queue 'OMG Hiiii's' with Sarah and Liv to name but a few) which, after school and University is pretty few and far between - let alone like ten in one day. So yeah, here's to Sunday's super bunch of blogging babes!

Happy Valentine's, galentine's, schmalentine's or just Tuesday!




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