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Basket Baby

Dungarees – Vintage

Shoes – Gucci (via Browns Fashion)

Bag - Zara

I love dungarees.

This may or may not be news to you depending on how recently you’ve stumbled upon my sartorial musings. I did a post a while ago expressing my love for the toddler-inspired jumpsuit but as they are an absolute wardrobe staple for me (I own many, many pairs, both long and short, in denim and other materials...) I thought I should revisit and recommend some of my fave pairs of dunga’s to y’all! A dungareeview if you will *emoji eyes*.

So the above dungarees were my first ever pair. I got them a thousand years ago in a vintage shop in Manchester and basically everyone laughed at me but it was love at first sight. I love the colour of the denim, they are the perfect shade of blue and probably belonged to Bob the Builder circa ’76 which makes me dead happy. Clothes with a story; one of the 453667 reasons I love vintage clothing. Anyway, vintage dungarees are my number one recommendation. Granted, you have to try on a few hundred pairs to find your perfect fit but this is all part of the fun, right? Beyond retro and Cow are great places to start.

Next up Topshop dungarees - I own a couple of pairs in both denim and cord but tbh I don’t rate the fit. I’m 5ft 11 so not your average length Toppers customer, but I find the legs pretty tight on their dungarees and this isn’t a look I’m looking for. Dunga's are all about the relaxed loose leg for me. Having said this, style and quallers are good points re: a toppers toddler ensemble and they are never short of choice.

Now Stella McCartney denim is an investment worth making, not only is the quality amazing (I mean you would expect nothing less for the dollar..) but they are actually long enough for me yayy! Should you not be a green giant you can always just get them taken up a little. These Seventies inspired flared numbers are just perfection so if you're looking to make an overall investment these are for you.

Finally ASOS have a mecca of dung's on offer, from light denim to dark denim, floral to spotty, long to short, there is literally something for everyone. Some of my faves include these true blue babes, these spotty sensations, these white hot wonders and these halter-neck huns. Never has dressing like a toddler been so appealing.

In other news, HOW CUTE IS THIS BASKET PLEASE? I mean, I need to stop buying basket bags because I am literally OOC obsessed but when I spotted this this little babe it just had to come home with me. Queue red shoes and gingham dress and a name change to Dorothy...




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