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Discoveries (pt. 1)

Boots - ATP Atelier (via Fenwick Bond Street)

Shirt - H&M

Trousers - Archive By Alexa @ M&S

Coat - Archive By Alexa @ M&S

Bag - Longchamp (via Harvey Nichols)

Scarf - Acne Studios (via Liberty London)

Just call me Christopher Columbus...

I love nothing more than discovering a new brand/ shop/ designer and there are a few newbies (or new to me at least) that have come up on my radar recently so I thought I'd do a few dedicated posts to new finds. First up is ATP, a dreamy Italian shoe brand that make my current most favourite boots. As a self-confessed fashion obsessor, I feel I should have heard of this brand sooner but alas it must have slipped through the net. I work at Fenwick and this discovery came on a voyage to the toilet whilst sailing through the store on an average Wednesday afternoon last week. I caught a glimpse of said tan/honey/mustard/dreamy coloured boots and that was it. I was straight over. Perfect shape, heel height, colour, material...but the last pair sitting pretty on the shelf. After a mental 'please be my size, please be my size' pray I lifted the suede delight and it was obviously meant to be because they were a 39, yaaayyyyyy! Had to stop myself from actually doing a little squawk out loud before a swift run back to my desk to collect means of payment and back down to seal the deal. Never a more successful trip to the toilet has taken place.

Since then they have barely been removed from my feet (despite not being the most comfortable boots I've ever sported but hey, pain is beauty right?!) as they surprisingly go with everything! I thought I'd only wear them with jeans but they look lovely with tights too and I have high hopes for a bare leg and summer dress match up should the weather ever decide to play nice. My most fave ensemble styled with them so far is this spotty blouse and velvet kick flare combo. I was a bit dubious about pairing a velvet trew with a suede boot but apparently the two get on really well!



P.s. Very similar boots by also dreamy new (ish) shoe brand on the block ByFar can also be found here.


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