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Everything is vintage apart from the shoes which are Gucci!

I am a big fan of oriental inspired wears and the latest addition to my Eastern collection is this beaut vintage traditional Chinese blouse that my two pals just brought me back from their recent trip to Australia (I know, I thought I’d be getting a cork hat too…) and following my track record (I have a vintage Hugh Hefner style Chinese smoking jacket and a silky cheongsam from ebay’s finest selection that I am OBSESSED with) it was pretty much a dead cert to be a hit with me. They know me well. Thanks gals. Upon handing it over to me, my friend Fran shared her outfit thoughts and I was firmly in agreement - a light blue ripped denim jean and loafer combo, keeping it quite cas’ and making it suitable attire for a Sunday afternoon. Obviously I then had to throw in a beret because it’s pretty much surgically attached to my pea head and I have never met a beret I love more. I mean, I’m pretty attached to this coat rn too. Shoes aside, everything I’m wearing in this East-meets-West get-up is vintage and that makes me dead happy.

In other news my boyfriend Elliott has recently gotten himself a snazzy new camera and is now firmly in the position of designated photographer and editor of making my pictures look this lovely (whether he likes it or not really) - thanks babes!*



*He's almost certainly not reading this or ever going to read this...


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