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Hi Polly

T-shirt – APC (via Depop)

Jeans – American Apparel

Blazer – Archive by Alexa for M&S (season 1)

Shoes – Gucci (via Browns)

Bag – APC

Beret – Vintage

Rewind back to this recent post where I reeled off a few wants on my everlasting/growing wish list, well I can confirm we have another successful tick! A warm wardrobe welcome to the APC Polly tee, I’ve only been hunting for you for about a thousand years - safe to say I’m buzzing. AND I found it on Depop for a mere £15! WINNER. If you don’t already have a Depop account you need to have a word with yourself/ immediately go make one.

So pretty much the moment I confirmed the purchase I already had the outfit idea in my head – a blazer? check, a loafer? check, a high waisted mid-blue mom jean? check...basically Pretty Woman (post prostitution)/ Christy Turlington in a nineties CK ad (nailed it, I know). I threw in a beret for good measure because a) I fucking love berets, and b) contrary to what this flimsy blazer may suggest, it’s zero degrees out and I gotta keep that heat in somehow. Now I used to be against a blazer, they always make me feel so major like I really mean business LOLZ but I have come to realise this is most definitely not a bad thing, sometimes one needs to don a blazer and embrace their inner power woman. I also feel like my Mama would have worn something like this back in the day when I was little, and resembling a nineties Yazza is by no means a bad thing.




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