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C'est La Vie Mon Cheri

Sweatshirt - & Other Stories

Shirt (underneath) - Vintage

Jeans - Levis (via Beyond Retro)

Shoes - Vans x & Other Stories

That's Life My Darling - just doesn't sounds as good in English does it? Non.

Now I am not usually one for sweats, but the minute I saw this little gem I knew I had to have it. I mean, first things first it’s navy blue - the best colour in the world. Then there’s the fact it has a lovely French slogan across the front in that dead aesthetically pleasing font, anything in French on a tee/ jumper and it’s a resounding yes from me, let’s be honest even if it said ‘Je suis un putain d’idiot’ (I am a fucking idiot, for those of you who CBA with Google translate) I’d probably still be into it. Ahhh the French language (and style and buildings and pastries…) - I’m a sucker. Right I’m taking French lessons, stat. Anyway, this is a rather dangerous outfit for the clumsiest girl in the world (A.K.A. Me), and even more so on a wet day however I did manage to make it through pretty much stain free. I know, I need a medal. Maybe now, approaching the grand old age of 27, I can be trusted with wearing whites? I hope so as I bloody love these jeans, in fact I bloody love this outfit, my fave in a while I’d say. Moral of this story (and contrary to my usual spiel): branch out, wear more sweats and trust your-grown-up-self to not pour coffee ALL over your whiter than whites.




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