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Give A Damn

T-shirt - The Deep End Club (via Selfridges)

Skirt - Zara

Coat - Vintage

Boots - Charity Shop

Another one of my Selfridges sale finds; I have been wanting this tee for aaaages but just couldn’t deal with the shipping and import charges from the US. Little did I know Selfridges stocked them AAAAND I managed to snap it up for a fraction of the original price. Yaaayyyy!! But the question is, does anyone give a damn?

When I started my blog first time round circa 2011 before blogging was as much of a ‘thing’ and began taking over the world (and the ‘gram), I think I basically just used to write to myself (could still be the case LOLZ *emoji eyes*). I don’t think anyone outside of about five people nearest and dearest to me knew it even existed. And to be honest I definitely didn’t do anything to help myself. It was almost like a little secret, something I was a bit embarrassed about, I didn’t know if I wanted to put myself out there for people to see, read and judge my every sartorial move, but I knew I loved doing it. And then life got in the way and Bubbly Aquarius took a back seat/ had no seat and exited the building. I knew one day it would re-emerge and after threatening for approx. a thousand years I finally took the plunge back into blogging and this time I mean business. I do want people to see, read (maybe not so much judge but that’s inevitable init) and enjoy my outfits and ridiculous crack. I want people to give a damn! So here I am providing more #styleinspo than you can shake a stick at and whilst yes, I care FAR too much about what people think, I bloody love outfit sharing because hey - I’m fucking obsessed with clothes!




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