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Search Party

Jacket - Mango

Top - & Other Stories (via Tictail)

Jeans - Whistles

Bag - Vintage

Shoes - ASOS

Mango doesn't get enough credit. Well at least it didn't used to, not by me anyway. It just wasnt somewhere I ventured into. But you know what, it's actually really great. This past season I have found approx 24356 things I just needed to have in my life, including this dreamy jacket that I managed to snap up in the sale! It's so soft and cosy, and really good faux leather with a definite Seventies vibe that I really enjoy, obvs.

Next up - the top - this is something that I have been trying to track down for some time. Now I don't know if it's just me (and Sophia) but I have a constant 'looking for' list including all of the items from times gone by that I just never managed to snap up for one reason or another. I'd say it's my Ebay watch list however it's branched out into so much more than that now, I've got my 'favourites' on Vestiare, my Depop 'likes' list and have recently expanded into Tictail on the hunt for gems of yesteryear too. Things like that Stella McCartney denim dungarees short suit (if you know, you know), the perfect lace-up Chanel ankle boots as seen on Alexa circa 2006, the 'Polly' APC t-shirt (oh, as seen on Alexa too - are you sensing a theme here *emoji chin scratching/thinker*), the Chanel breton long sleeve stripe top and the Carven x Petit Bateau navy cute collared dress to name but a few. I mean yes, I have managed to whittle it down, to strike some things off if you will, quite a few dreamy bits actually including my two most prized possessions - Cecile (my Chanel bag) and my ACNE leather jack. But the latest tick is in the form of this delightful & Other Stories ribbed cream top (that resembles a neck brace somewhat but hey, i'm all for multipurpose!). It's been hanging in there on the list for a while now and a couple of weeks ago I discovered that mega babe Adenorah was selling it over on her Tictail blog shop. HURRAYYY! A strike off the list, one (two) fat ladies closer to a full house. But in fact the reality is, I will never get there, it will never be empty (or full if we're referring to the house...). As one lovely & Other Stories ribbed top exits the list and enters my wardrobe, another APC Francoise boot finds it's way onto the list *emoji teeth baring*. There is always more. So much more. My wardrobe will never be content, there is always something missing. Like a Zara brown velvet cropped jacket that I have recently (in the last 48 hrs) decided so intently that I absolutely require. God I'm so OOC. But still, send out a search party!




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