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Sale Away

Dress - J.W. Anderson via Selfridges

Boots - H&M

Did everyone sharpen their elbows, get up at an obscenely early hour, grab all their Christmas funds and hot foot it down to the sales on Boxing Day? Well, had I not been struck down by big bad bug (if you haven't got the violins out yet then now is probably a good time...) I'm sure I would have been right there along side ya, probably shoving you out of the way LOLZ just kidding but I do love a good bargain. There's just something about sales (and Mary), like some sort of achievement, like in fact you're saving money by purchasing said dress rather than actually being out of pocket at all. I tell myself every year that it's only really a bargain if you wanted it anyway, and nine times out of ten if I wanted it anyway I would have justified buying it there and then. However, did this stop me from going wild the minute I stepped foot into a shop post discounting? Or actually, the minute I clicked onto say, NO. Absolutely not. In fact, some (me, I'm the first to admit it) might say my sale shopping is OOC (out of control) but who can resist a bargain? Namely this J.W. Anderson dream denim dress down from £695 to £85!!! And let's not forget my Stella McCartney denim jumpsuit I got last week for £50 instead of £550! Selfridges sale is hands down the best every (end of) season. They really go to town with their price slashing, and pretty swiftly too so none of that back and forth weeks on end to see if the dress you couldn't justify paying even half price for has in fact been lowered even further? YESSSSS, what a bargain, I must run to the till and secure the purchase immediately. Well, safe to say I absolutely cleaned up in the Selfridges sale (amongst others) and found some enviable gems that literally would make any fashion enthusiast do the emoji shock-hands-on-face.

So, moral of the story my friends, hot foot it down to Selfridges first and foremost next sale season for the best bargain finds (and if you're super quick maybe even a few strays left this time round....GO GO GO!)



P.S. a few good sale finds available online below:


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