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New Year, Same Me

Happy New Year! (better late than never?!)

Here's my first outfit of 2017 - in Paris!

Coat - Vintage

Top - Comme Des Garcons

Jeans - Whistles

Shoes - Gucci

Bag - Vintage

I can't believe its 2017, I feel so old.

When people reference things that happened in 2007, in my head I'm like oh, so not that long ago then... but that's now TEN YEARS AGO! For me personally, last year wasn't a particularly bad one. Yes, the obscene amount of famous deaths and current state of the world is a pretty sorry situation, but hey it was the year I started (re-started) Bubbly Aquarius! I also bagged myself a new job, witnessed one of my beaut friends marry the love of her life, visited Amsterdam, America, Malta and Paris (post coming imminently!), laughed about 645372 times and Alexa liked at least FIVE of my Instagram pictures (lolz, it's up there). So really, I can't complain. And whilst I'm being grateful, I started this year off pretty excellently too, in Paris with my best mate, wearing the above dreamy French ensemble, so here's hoping it's a goodun'!

So, Christmas is a distant memory and New Year has been and gone. We are early days into two-thousand-and-seventeen and resolutions are being thrown around left, right and centre - how can I be better? What shall I quit? Well, I am giving myself zero. Not because I think I'm practically perfect in every way (*emoji eyes* haha just kidding) but mainly because as soon as I tell myself I can't have/ do something I absolutely NEEEED to have/ do it more. This year I'd like to worry less, because (in the words of Baz Luhrmann) worrying is about as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum; and be more present, because as much as I love Instagraham (my boyf Elliott's latest nick-name for my beloved social media platform) there will never be a photo that looks as good as witnessing the real thing you are so keen to snap. But yeah, as far as giving things up is concerned it's a no from me, I fully believe in everything in moderation (apart from shopping of course) and besides life is too bloody short, eat alllll of the cake and buy ALLLLLL of the shoes!




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