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Choir Boy

Shirt - Vintage

Jeans - Whistles

Shoes - ASOS

Bag - Vintage

OK, It's all over.

Let's talk about this dreamy choir boy shirt.

I picked it up in a charity shop near my Mama's on Christmas eve and I was so pleased with myself. Yep, one of those finds. Now i'd like to be saying main attraction at this point is the fact that it hides a multitude of over eating sins, however on Boxing Day I was struck down with the dreaded bug (that every man and his seven dogs seem to have had so it was only a matter of time) making me basically bed/bathroom floor bound for two days, waahhh. So yeah, as much as I would have liked to have eaten my body weight in Choccy Oranges by now, alas not one has been cracked. But hey, this shirt has many many more delightful discussion points right - I meeeean the shoulders, the sleeves, the neck, the cut - yes, yes, yes and yes. If anything screams choir boy more than this then i'd like to know what?

I'm such a sucker for a vintage white/cream blouse, like every time I see one 'it's the perfect one', very similar to my Breton stripe obsession too, god damn it why are there so many perfect stripes and vintage blouses out there waiting to be discovered by me?? So obviously the above shirt in question raised the heart eyes from me and a small internal squeal. I have styled it with my new Whistles wide cropped dark denim jeans because I just bloody love crisp white and dark denim. Now just off to church for my next service...



P.S. Hope y'all had a delightful Christmas time :)


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