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  • Rachal Clifton

Rachael and The Amazing Technicolour Dream Knit

Knit top - Beyond Retro

Skirt - Zara

Boots - Zara

Bag - Forever 21

Coat - Vintage

So on Saturday I met up with my friend Fran for a good vintage rummage through Beyond Retro in Dalston and all the gems it has to offer - and were there gems to be had my friends. Not gonna lie I pretty much scooted into the changing rooms with half of the shop draped over my arms (who needs the gym ey?!), from sixties mini's to sparkly jumpsuits; I was on a mission and certainly not leaving empty handed. Prior to stepping foot inside the East London vintage emporium I was 100% sure of my shopping list - basically a tan shearling suede coat - however as discussed in my previous vintage post one cannot go vintage shopping with a closed mind. So, did I come out with a shearling delight? Absolutely not. But I did however, come out with some excellent finds that include a green mushy pea-esque mohair crop, a gold spangly jumper (see my insta for visuals), a striped metallic thread shirt and last but by no means least - my favourite piece - this technicolour seventies dream knit! How beaut please? I mean look at that collar.. and the colours... love love love. One of those vintage-shopping-treasure-uncovering-yes-moments right there.

Endless outfit options for this multi-coloured stripe dream include pairing it with this Zara button up suede skirt, chunky choccy boots and the tiniest bag in the world - AKA this Forever 21 metal handle cutie.

According to Elliott I look like a children's TV presenter/ Girl guide? Hmm, I'll take it!



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