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Lass In Red

Playsuit (disguised as a dress) - Zara

Tights - Accessorize

Boots - H&M

Bag - APC

Coat - ACNE Studios

I would say Lady however it's not really a word I would use to describe myself (and i'm not dancing with Chis De Burgh) - I'm defs a girl. At what age does one have to class themselves as a lady anyway? I always LOL to myself when I am referred to as such but I am getting on a bit... To be fair if I was ever going to refer to myself as a lady then I'd allow it to be in this instance as this is a pretty lady-like look I sported on Sunday for a boozy brunch with my pals. Well either that or I just dressed as Mrs. Clause...

As soon as I laid eyes on this little red, bow-back number in Zara last week I had to have it, I couldn't get to the till fast enough in fact. AAAAAAND it's actually a playsuit so great when a gust of wind takes you by surprise (although NOT that great when you are desp for the loo #playsuitprobz). I mean it's festive sure, but will also look delightful come spring with a bare leg and sandal too. But as it's nearing the zero's atm I knew it had to be paired with a tight, and a spotty one at that. But can we just discuss HOW HARD it is to locate a spotty tight this winter? Last year shops were literally dotty for dotted hosiery but this year, I searched high, I searched low. Thanks to Accessorize in the end for saving the day and supplying the goods. Now let's all pray for me that I don't put a hole in them within three seconds...



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