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The Velvet Window

Dress - Charles Anastase (via eBay)

Shoes - Vivienne Westwood

Bag - APC (via Coggles)

And I couldn't help but wonder...

LOLZ no, I could, I really could help it, just like Carrie Bradshaw should have helped it all of those thousands of times she was tap, tap, tappin' away on that lappy. I mean god don't get me wrong, I love SATC just as much as the next cocktail sippin', fashion obsessed shopaholic - but O.M.G was Carrie annoying!! If I had a pound for every time she 'couldn't help but wonder' I'd be surrounded by Manolo's too. Anyway, I digress, back to the topic in hand - my favourite fabric! So what could I not help but wonder I hear you cry? Well, I couldn't (could, definitely could) help but wonder why I don't wear velvet all year round? Why it only really makes an appearance within the month of December? In my head velvet has a shelf life, a window, a sell by date if you like of approximately four weeks. Come the first of January one doesn't want to be donning a velvet suit or sporting a velvet skirt. But why do we (I) feel this way? Velvet should 100% be allowed out on more occasions. Last time I checked there were no velvet ASBO's during the months of Spring or Summer. The dress I'm wearing here is one of my most favourite dresses that I own and pretty much only ever comes out in December, getting worn twice a year at absolute most I'd say. I got this practically vintage (it's from the Fall 2006 collection) Charles Anastase dress on eBay a few years back for ridiculously cheap and it's so beaut but barely see's the outside of my wardrobe. Get the violins out, I know. I really need to stop cramming all of my velvet wearing into practically every other day of one festive month, and start branching out into say, January...hey, maybe even June! So here's to me broadening my velvet horizons and allowing it to creep into my outfits all year round - velvet is for life not just for Christmas.



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