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It was my Mom's in the 80's! (Pt. 2)

Roll neck - Uniqlo

Skirt - Mama's archive

Shoes - ASOS

Coat - Archive by Alexa @ M&S

Bag - APC via Coggles

Well, Seventies (soz I had to squeeze that other Mean Girls quote in too didn't I).

There's no better place to start hunting out vintage gems than your Mama's wardrobe! Many a sartorial staple over the years has been uncovered from my Mama's archive (and my Gran's whilst we're on it); from dungarees, to floaty summer dresses and mini skirts. Often I will present a recent purchase and she will say 'Oh I used to have one exactly like that', to which I will always respond with - 'Well mother, why didn't you keep it eyy?!' (Note taken *must hoard everything for when/if I have a baby girl*). Oh how I (and my bank balance) wish she had kept everything. Anyway, the gems that did make it through have most definitely been a hit with me, particularly the cream crochet (almost ready for the bin but I refuse to give up on them) espadrilles she got when she was seventeen in Spain, the cream floral strappy Summer dress that wouldn't look out of place in the Reformation line up and a pair of off white (she says they're mint, I beg to differ but either way they're an absolute delight) dungarees that she used to wear when she was pregnant with me (we know where my dungaree obsession comes from then!).

The latest treasure uncovered from the Yazza (my Mama) Archive is this delightful black and red check high-waisted wool mini skirt. I love how high it is on the waist, I swear they just don't make them like they used to *grandma emoji*. As soon as I laid eyes on this little number I was outfit plotting - ooh the ASOS patent shoes, a little roll neck, the patent mac of dreams...yes yes i'll take it off your hands!



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