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Pink + Patent With A Beret On Top

Beret - Vintage

Coat - ACNE Studios (via Liberty)

Jumper - Archive by Alexa (season 1)

Skirt - Archive by Alexa (season 2)

Shoes - Vivienne Westwood

Bag(s) - APC and Bella Freud for Sainsbury's

*cold, windswept, awkward posing - model's own

Oh hiiiii more Archive by Alexa, past and present! Yes, I bought far too much of the collection. I know, I know, I'm OOC. So I had been looking for a patent skirt for some time until this perfect little number waltzed into my life. Ok, i forced it in, after already purchasing at least three other varieties *emoji eyes*. I mean, they were good options sure, fitting the patent mini skirt bill well, but then Alexa Chung launches her latest capsule collection for Marks and Spencer and ever the wardrobe problem solver, presenting the perfect pieces you obviously need in your wardrobe (regardless of whether you already have three versions at home). So I stand in M&S, on the preview launch evening, with approx. half of the new collection in my grasps, having an internal conversation with myself on whether I do actually need a fourth patent skirt in my life?

See above.

But hey, can we all take a moment for the fact that I practiced a tiny bit of self control and didn't buy the new dreamy pink sweater as I already have this one from last season. Although the newest offering is a v-neck...totally different really...I mean...i'll just try it on maybe...



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