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Dungarees Please

Coat - Vintage via Beyond Retro

Dungarees - American Apparel

Blouse - Vintage

Shoes - Gucci

Bag - Zara

I remember the first pair of dungarees that I bought in my first year of uni in a vintage shop in Manchester called Ryan Vintage that sadly no longer exists. I remember sending a changing room outfit picture to my friend who lol'd and referred to me as The Real Slim Shady (Yes Jess, I'm talking to you). Little did she know i'd be having the last laugh now that she is a fully fledged dungaree enthusiast! My point is, I've been a dungaree fan for many, many years now and they're always my 'I don't have anything to wear' saviour. They can be dressed up or down and literally go with anything and everything. Don't be scared of looking like a toddler - I actually don't mind if i do, soz about me - but if you are concerned then just put a shirt and smart shoe on and voila, adult-ing resumed. I have A LOT of different varieties from various shades of denim, to corduroy, and then shorts versions too. These AA ones are up there as one of my fave pairs, they're probably one of my most worn items within my wardrobe but I literally never get sick of them as I practically wear them in a different way every time I put them on. This ruffle neck shirt, loafer and leopard fur combo make me happy.

Everybody needs dunga's in their life, even if you don't know it yet!



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