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Gucci via Gap

Jumper - Gap

Sunglasses - Celine

Jacket - Acne Studios

Jeans - American Apparel

Shoes - Gucci

I just can't get enough of this Gap crazy stripe jumper. Ever since I saw that Gucci striped jumper of my (and probably most of my Instagram feed's) dreams about a year ago, I've been considering selling a kidney. To be honest, even after the successful sale of said kidney, getting hold of this Gucci gold dust knit would probably be another story. Obviously dream gal Alexa Chung being the proud owner of one has not been helping the situation one tiny bit (obsessed, dunno if i mentioned it...). I mean in the past year sure, i've seen a few rainbow striped knits knocking about, but none have been quite there fitting into the runner up spot. Until now, that is. Step in Gap's excellent rainbow stipe alternative (there's actually a v. similar sparky version up for grabs too, obviously I bought both *emoji monkey*), approximately one sixth of the Gucci price tag and they're also offering discounts right, left and centre at the moment so ACT FAST my friends. I've actually worn this loads already as surprisingly it goes with everything, from jeans to patent mini skirts and furry jackets. At £44.95 I am able to satisfy my rainbow stripe knit needs, whilst also maintaing all of my internal organs, everyone's a winner!

(except maybe Gucci *awkward teeth baring emoji*)



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